Peace Through Seva

"I am in the light. I am the light. The light is in me. the light is me." The man who has realised this truth becomes one with the Brahman.

Man is perpetually engaged in the search for peace. The seeker of peace must search for it not in religion (matham) but in the mind (manam). the search for peace in the external is the casue of all the unrest in the world. Peace has to be established first within one's self. Then it has to be extended to the family. From the family , it has to spread to the village, the province, and the nation. What is happening today is the reverse of this process. Conflict and disorder are spreading from the individual to the family and right up to the nation.

You must become messengers of peace. You have to begin with yourselves. You can get peace only through service. An idle man is the devil's workshop. When one is busy at work, there will be no room for thoughts in the mind. Then there is peace of mind. A peaceful mind is the abode of love. Love is inherent in man, but like a seed that has to be nourished by manure and water, love in man has to be fostered by dedicated service (Sraddha and prema). Love is a sacred quality. It is like nectar. A man who has tasted the immortal sweetness of Divine love will not desire anything else in the world. Life must become a constant manifestation of love. Today love is manifested in a constricted selfish manner. It needs to be expressed in service to society. It has to be offered to others and shared with them. Thereby love becomes a reciprocal, ever-widening experience.

Every individual has four constituents: the body, the mind, the intelligence and the Atma. The body is the instrument for discharging one's duties (Dharma-saadhanam). The body  can act only through the promptings of the mind. The sense organs are engaged in action. But it is the mind that enjoys the result of these actions. The mind, however, derives only momentary pleasure from the actions of the senses. For instance, when one is hungry, the mind is satisfies if the hunger is appeased for the moment by eating something. Beyond the mind is Buddhi, the intelligence. The Buddhi has the power of discrimination. It points out what is wholesome and what is undesirable or bad for the body. When the mind is guided by the Buddhi, it experiences genuine joy.

Every action that is done should be preceded by an enquiry as to whether it is proper or not and whether it will lead to good or bad results. When discrimination is not excercised the mind becomes blind as it were.

Acquire the Atmic Experience

It is the Atma that animates the body, ativates the mind and illuminates the intelligence. The one who identifies himself with the body loses himself om carnal pleasures. The one who identifies himself with the mind experiences sensuous enjoyment. One who bases his life on the intelligence achieves intellectual fulfilment. Only the person who bases his life on the Atma can experience pure bliss (Ananda).

Those who aspire for pure bliss should strive to acquire the Atmic experience. When one has the Atmic vision, he recognises the One that pervades everything.This awareness cannot come through the study of scriptures.

The Sai Organisations should function on the basis that the in-dwelling  Spirit in everone is the same Atma. Names and forms may vary. Every one should develop this sense of oneness (non-duality) and render service to society in a spirit of humility. There should be no spirirt of condescension.

The ancient sages started with regarding themselves as God's servants and reached the Divine through service. If you want to eliminated your ego, you have to consider yourself a daasaanudaasa (a servant of servants). this is the path of devotion.

Through love, we must develop the spirit of sacrifice (Thyaga) and  proceed to Toga (merence n the Divine. When you give up what has to be given up, when you know what ought to be known, and reach what should be your destination, you will experience the bliss of Brahman. Attachment to worldly things has to be given up. The basic truths of llife are to be known. The goal is unity with the Divine. In that lies the bliss of immortality.

Every Sai sadhak and sevak has to make the Atma the basis of all activity. He should regard himself as the embodiment of the Divine and realise that the Atma is present in every one. One should have the feeling that whatever joy or sorrow others experience is equally his. Only then can one render service conferring joy on others.

Talk and Action

Today very few are fulfilling their functions properly. There is too much talk and too little of action. Every one should cultivatethe feeling that primiarily he is a servant, and a "worker". There is no demand on any one to exert himself beyond his capacity. Nore should any one in the Organisation think of leaving it because the rules of the Orgnanisation are too strict. You should realise that there is no greater and more sacred path to the Divine than service.  It is a golden opportunity for you in this birth.  Here is the means to sanctify your life by service in the Sai Organisation. there is no use in sitting alone in meditation with closed eyes, or in going to piligrimages. You must realise the Omnipresent Divine through service.

Kirshna used Arjuna as an instrument to stage His cosmic play. Today this Sai Krishna is directing His play with so many thousands of Arjunas (cheers). Nimitha Maathram Bhava, Savyasaachin! ("Be only my instrument, Oh Arjuna"). You are only instruments. Do not arrogate to yourself any authority or power and claim credit for any achievement. All your name and fame are due to your association with Sai Organisations and the use of the Sai label. Without the Sai imprimatur, where will you be? It is the Sai name that has  conferred on you distinction and recognition. therefore, bear in mind the name Sai and carry on your work.

Since the 60th birthday celebrations I have been emplasising spiritual sadhana and Advaitic approach. We have passed the stages  of Karma-kanda (Action) and Upasana (worship) and must now enter on the stage of Jnana. Hence-forth you should concentrate on the Advaitic approach.

The Sai Phenomenon

The world is looking at the Sai movement with a myriad eyes. They are asking " What is this Sai?  Wherever we go, whether to a bzaar or a jungle, we see Sai photos and the Sai name being invoked". Many are astonished at this phenomenon and are trying to examine it either out of curiosity or envy. In a situation like this, there should  be no room for any one to point the finger of criticism or derision at our Organisation. Every one according to his status or position, should get on with the work. In future, instead of some being officers and others the rank and  file, all can be treated as equals, or "brothers" or fellow workers. Mutual love has to be promoted. We have to demonstrate to the world the unity that underlies the diversity. All should work together in harmony, act together, move together, grow together and share the common knowledge and experience  with all.  There should be no place for cynics, defeatists and doubting Thomases in the Sai Orgnaisation. They will ruin the Organisation. We want people who will completely identify themselves with the Organisation.

For much that has been achieved by the Sai Organisations, the credit goes to the women workers. They have done good service. There should be all the three wings in the women's section also - spiritual, educational and service. I desrie that they should also engage themselves in all three activties. In the women's organisations, instead of competition for office, there should be concentration on duties.  There should be no room for bossism. All are sevaks in the Sai fold. Why should there be differences or distinctions amongst them?

The World Council will cease from today. It will be appropriate if in each overseas country there is a Committee looking after the working of Sai centers according to the conditions and requirements of those countries. The Overseas Organisations should supply information to our office in Prasanthi Nilayam about their activities.

The purpose of introducing these and other changes is only to provide encouragement and guidance to Sai Organisations which are growing by leaps and bounds.

You know the ground you have traversed. You must now look ahead towards he future. I desire that you should all conduct yourselves as brothers and sisters in the Sai Organisation and set an example to the world.

The direct individual relationship between each of you and myself will remain always. If our relations can be strengthened through the Organisations, I shall feel happier. Hoping that the proposed changes will in no way diminish your enthusiasm and that you will go on with your activities with redoubled vigour and enthusiasm, in an examplary manner, I bless you all.